Our Story

Collective Global is poised to be a dominant first mover in venture GP stakes and seeding, taking advantage of current market dislocations to introduce a collaborative model that improves the way asset owners partner with top talent.

Collective is co-led by Daniel Adamson and Sheel Tyle. Daniel is the Chairman and founding President of Constellation, an innovative and high-performing global consortium that unites elite asset owners with premier investment talent through GP stakes. With $3B AUM, Constellation has deployed over $2B to 18 premier next-generation managers, substantially exceeding underwritten performance. Sheel is the founder and CEO of Amplo, a global, multi-sector venture firm who draws on his success co-leading seed stage venture at NEA and his prior experience at Bessemer. Daniel and Sheel are bringing together a thriving consortium of large pensions and sovereigns that is not only strategic to growing VCs but also creates synergies for the asset owner participants.

Our Value-Add


Affiliated venture GPs and incubators


Asset owners, CIOs, and VC leaders


CEOs and underlying companies

Network benefits

Collective advisors and Strategic 
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